Expanding the Fight Against Cancer in the Fire Service

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Join FCSN’s latest firefighter cancer prevention initiative: Wash-Your-Hood-Sunday!

FCSN cancer brief for IAFC e_blast_10.14

Don’t Miss the FRI Excitement

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Get Your Free Health Screening at FRI

The SHS Section is proud to partner with Life Scan to offer health assessments, including ultrasound imaging of the heart (echocardiogram) and aorta (detection of aneurysms).

Reserve your spot today! Email shs@iafc.org to sign up for your free health screening.

Plus, enter to win! Life Scan will give away two full NFPA 1582-compliant physicals. Winner will receive airfare to Tampa Bay and a two-night hotel stay to complete the physical.

More on FRI 2014 here…

Safety & Health Week 2015

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Save the date: June 14-20. For safety and health tips, tools, and information visit:   www.safetyandhealthweek.org

NIOSH – Fire Fighter Fatality Map

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The NIOSH Division of Safety Research has released a new website entitled Fire Fighter Fatality Map. Developed to increase awareness of fire fighter deaths and to provide quick access to up-to-date fire fighter fatality information, the site combines fire fighter fatality case information from the USFA with information about NIOSH fire fighter fatality investigations. Links to NIOSH reports for fatalities that have been investigated through the NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program (FFFIPP) are included.

Evaluation of Dermal Exposures in Firefighters

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This is the final report from the NIOSH study evaluating dermal exposures and biological uptake of polycyclic and other aromatic hydrocarbons in firefighters. NIOSH also measured air concentrations of various contaminants inside burn structures and off-gassing from turnout gear.FF Dermal Study 2010-0156-3196

NIOSH Respirators User Notice: Chemical Warfare Agents

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Fairfax, Va., Dec. 3, 2013- IAFC members should take note that The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has issued a Respirators User Notice stating that an error was made during recent testing of SCBA that calls into questions the ability of some SCBA to meet NIOSH and NFPA standards for protection against chemical warfare agents.

The NIOSH notice states that agents used in testing from July 2012 through October 2013 were less than that required by NIOSH test procedures and therefore SCBA cannot be validated as in compliance with the CBRN standards until retesting is completed.
NIOSH is working with both SCBA manufactures and NFPA to address the issue.

The IAFC recommends that its members review the NIOSH Respirators User Notice.

Implementing NFPA 1582

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The IAFC and the SHS Section’s position is that every firefighter receive an annual medical examination, and that this examination follow as closely as possible the guidance of NFPA 1582. Chiefs have an obligation to find funding sources and develop creative strategies to ensure the safety of their personnel. A Fire Department’s Guide to Implementing NFPA 1582 (NPFA 1582_FINAL) is designed to support that responsibility. The SHSS compiled this guide and sample documents to assist with the development and implementation of an annual medical evaluation program in your department.